After cancer

Caring for hair – particularly with cancer

Hair Loss

It’s probably our biggest worry : losing hair during treatment.

J. another patient, wrote to say “many types of Chemo make your hair fall out, because they reduce the strength of your hair” ; Hormone Therapy can also weaken hair, as I found out. Even taking other drugs can weaken hair, or leave it like straw. So trying to avoid hair problems is a major worry.

But J. says you could try :

Cold Caps

As J. says, “the cold cap can significantly slow hair loss, but only if it is used correctly.

Does all this work ?

J. says “Effectivness will vary from one person to another, but I have had 6 sessions of chemo – had lost virtually al the hair on my body, except for a relatively thick mop of short hair on my head!”

When I need a very gentle shampoo and Conditioner I use the Living Nature ones. Their conditioner contains genuine Manuka honey in their Balancing product, and is available in the UK.

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