Europa Donna encourages good practice across Euwith for women with Breast Cancer

Europe has better post-cancer survival rates than UK

Anyone who is keen to find out why, might pay £10 for annual membership of this Pan-European organisation. Formed to “promote the dissemination and exchange of factual, up-to-date information on breast cancer throughout Europe”. They put on top level meetings, with addressed by top level speakers from the world of breast cancer treatment. As a member, I was invited to Milan to take part in ED’s annual Advocacy training (free), and since then have taken part in some fascinating debates on Breast Cancer Treatment. On edebate got so heated I really thought the opposing speakers would come to blows. This was fascinating stuff with oppoing sides speaking For and Against Breast Cancer screening. The NHS should come off its high horse and consult with this pan-European organisation, and it might be shamed in to improving our treatment, and bring our medical care in line with the rest of Europe.

Europa Donna has the expertise

Membership for Patients can introduce us to what is happening in Europe, and it is possible to be invited to take part in their annual Advocacy Cours, held in Milan. This course brings together members from across Europe, From Uzbekistand to Portugal, and we learn what is going on in other countries. The lecturers (all in English) are some of the most admired and interesting Oncologits from across Europe – and if I had any criticism it was that one needed more time in between lectures to reflect on what we had just heard – it was mind boggling. My favoufrite speaker was a lively Italian with a wicked sense of humour ! I would loved to have been one of his patients – if only because he was open-minded and really cared about the long term consequences of our treatment.