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Update on “Is there anything else you can do to look after your skin ?”

Adding a few simple rules to sensible care = younger-looking skin A recent survey showed living in the countryside means less pollution – and concluded this is better for our skin. But what can those of us who have to…

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Zap those Scars

Body Image Problems Luckily I have never wanted to go Topless because if I did this today i’d scare the living daylights out of anyone watching. A Lumpectomy seemed a painless option – until several years later I am left…

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What to do when skin itches from medical drug side effects

A friend has just posted a pic of her itchy, bubbly skin on a social website; I hope she has better care from Dermatologists than I had. Three days after starting Tamoxifen, I woke up bleeding all over from bloody…

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Glycerine – an old-fashioned cure for dry skin

Pear and Pink Magnolia Shower Gel is a lovely product – costs £15.00 – and £1 from each sale goes to Breast Cancer Care. And it contains the old-fashioned ingredient – Glycerine. This gently cleansing body wash contains purising glycerine…

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Patient shows how to look after our skin

Watch out for Pot holes! Riding along on my bike, I land in one. End up eating pain killers like sweeties! My skin looks like an angry Brillo Pad, so I need good skincare – Thank heavens for Ameliorate It…

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