Holidays & short breaks

Holiday: France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland – and how to travel, insurance etc.

TAKING A BREAK One thing every Consultant, Doctor and Nurse says when you finish treatment is, “take a holiday”. But they don’t answer questions – Can I fly ? How far should I travel ? Will I get tired? etc….

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Polo – an exciting way to spend an afternoon in the open air

If you feel in need of some adrenalin-pumping spectating, an afternoon watching a Polo match is the best way I know. You are sitting down (well, most of the time) so theoretically the doctors will approve! But if you have…

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Are airports putting cancer patients lives at risk?

Anti-terrorism measures set to impact on cancer patients Anyone who flies will know that anti-terrorism checks can take up more time than the flight itself. No-one would grudge spending this time, if it is for our safety – BUT –…

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