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Depression after cancer

No wonder there are so many other long faces waiting in Outpatients. Does this strike a chord ? “We like to think of the end of cancer treatment as the closing of a chapter, but what most people don’t realize…

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Why can’t the NHS use Ethnic background information sensibly

Why doesn’t the NHS use tick-box surveys for our benefit – not just meaningless statistics. When I see someone approach with one of these clipboards, I bury my head in the nearest leaflet Their questions seem designed to supply meaningless…

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NHS – Please can you leave us alone

GP records to be shared (without patients’ permission). If you are reading this it’s 99% likely that means YOU ! Latest from Dept. Shoot in Foot (SIF) Pulse reports “Identifiable information from GP records will be shared without patient permission…

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I cost the NHS money – and it serves them right !

Where the money goes – and it’s not in medical treatment ‘My’ GP retired and I had to find another. Hours – no days – of phoning and Internet browsing, and eventually find another Surgery. Wait 3 weeks for appointment…

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What IS happening to taxes – are they going to NHS ?

Trying to make sense of today’s NHS WE pay for the NHS – yet politicians seem to think our money is theirs to play with. And what’s worse, when they want to, GPs can hide hehind all the convoluted NHS…

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