PAY more for NHS – getting health service on cheap isn’t working

UK way down in cancer survival rates, but cancer patients find old saying you get what you pay for applies equally to medicine. The NHS sneers at cost of medicine in the USA – yet if faced with pay up…

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Cancer Survivors finally being listened to when drug side effects hit

But why has it taken so long to help with drug side effects ? Especialhy those with heart problems it’s taken many years… but finally ‘they’ are listening to us Today, anyone battling with long term side effects from cancer…

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Doctors fail cancer patients

Patients have to face lies… such as “your GP will look after you now”. Believe this – and you will believe anything. Yes, there must be some doctors who genuinely care for their cancer survivor patients, take to heart the…

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Contacts for cancer survivors

Survivors help themselves The NHS has promised a list of helpful contacts when dealing with Long Term Side Effects from cancer drugs – by 2018 !!! We need a list NOW. The NHS says it can’t be done – so…

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Rattling NHS cages dealing with Cancer Survivorship

Trying to find information, you could go to NHS CHOICES website – Their suggestion is ‘Contraception’. Try again – and up comes ‘Suicide’. Definitely a ‘malfunction’ of the NHS’s £60 Billion IT system, but it could upset patients. It’s not…

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