Strawberry Tea to raise funds for Cancer – an inexpensive way to entertain

Have Fun – and raise money ! Everybody likes the look of strawberries – so take advantage and use them to bring friends together in aid of BCC to host a Tea Party You need somewhere to hold it –…

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National Cancer Outcomes Conference

The N.C.I.N. organised this conference, which was held at Birmingham’s N.E.C,. This was a brave attempt at involving patients and professionals equally. However, it did prove that medical professionals may pay lip service to ‘involving’ patients, but often, in reality,…

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Mary Berry fans – get baking for cancer

Aga-Queen Mary Berry has enticed us back into the kitchen. Fans of this delightful cook(she doesn’t swear or flirt with the camera – perhaps that’s why she is so popular ?) have been encouraged back into the kitchen, to revive…

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Europa Donna gets things done

Europa Donna encourages good practice across Euwith for women with Breast Cancer Europe has better post-cancer survival rates than UK Anyone who is keen to find out why, might pay £10 for annual membership of this Pan-European organisation. Formed to…

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