Pear and Pink Magnolia Shower Gel is a lovely product – costs £15.00 – and £1 from each sale goes to Breast Cancer Care. And it contains the old-fashioned ingredient – Glycerine. This gently cleansing body wash contains purising glycerine and is soap free, for soft and silky smooth skin. The aroma of juicy pear and fresh pink magnolia sets a tone that’s invigorating yet sensual and soothing
  • Gentle skin conditioning benefts
  • Moisturises as it cleanses smells gently of juicy pear and pink magnolia, jasmine and osmanthus.
Glycerine has been around since 1779.  It was the Victorians who made extensive use of this extraordinary colourless ingredient’s properties – from using in explosives, to being a stalwart of their beauty regimes, used to keep ladies hands soft to impress poets.  Now it’s this latter property that is being used in the Shower Gel,