Jason to the rescue

What is it about the drugs ‘they’ put us on, that gives us straw hair ? I was getting fed up with my thatch (It’s all right for Boris, but not for me thank you). Then a friend told me about Jãsön. It’s a shampoo and matching conditioner – and it’s working a treat ! At last I can brush my hair, without despairing of the way it won’t settle down. I can even bear to look in the mirror and actually see a shine – unexpected bliss !

Why it is helpful ?

The shampoo is called ‘restoratvie’, and the companythat makes it has been going since 1959, so they must know what they are doing. The shampoo is pleasant, but where Jãsön scores is with its Conditioner. This is a thick ‘gloop’, which you shake out of the bottle. And, to make it easier to do – and help wort out which bottle to reach for on the shelf with your eyes shut – the Conditioneir s designed so you stand it upside down on the bathroom shelf (so so simple, but so sensible).