Watch out for Pot holes!

Riding along on my bike, I land in one. End up eating pain killers like sweeties! My skin looks like an angry Brillo Pad, so I need good skincare –

Thank heavens for Ameliorate

It actually means ‘improve’; and is the name of a new skincare range specially developed to help those with rough skin. Two tubes sent for me to try arrived at just the right time to help my horrible skin, which turned up as a result of being on strong pain-killers – after my dive into the pot hole. As recommended, I used it twice a day, and as I used it I could feel it sinking in. Now I am down to using it once a day – my skin is back to ‘better than’ normal, and it is not only lovely and soft, but all those horrid ‘itchy’ patches have disappeared..

Story behind Ameliorate

Others develop problem skins, like us. There is one condition called Keratosis Pilaris (KP for short), and Annette, a patient who had been plagued with it for the majority of her life, actually did something about it; her goal was to develop an effective and luxurious product that would help with this.

And here is the story

Body Lotion was born out of frustration. Frustration with trying to find a solution to my “chicken skin” arms – as one of my dear childhood ‘friends’ helpfully described it! I grew up dreaming of silky smooth arms, and could often be found pacing up and down Pharmacy aisles on a Saturday afternoon looking for magic lotions and potions. I optimistically spent my pocket money on many promising looking lotions, but time after time I was disappointed and the new purchase joined the many others at the back of the bathroom cabinet. Nothing worked, so I continued to cover my arms up. Dermatologists gave this a name (KP), but still failed to provide a solution. But when my two sons developed KP, closely followed by my daughter, I became determined to find an answer. I knew that products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids, such as Lactic and Glycolic Acid, could be potentially useful. I tried many, spending a small fortune along the way, especially when importing expensive products from the States. They were all disappointing for various reasons, mainly because of texture, smell, and unsuitable ingredients, but mostly because the majority didn’t work!

Internet proved Annette was not alone !

Given the problems with existing products, and realising the Internet was buzzing with forums full of unhappy KP sufferers, I saw an opportunity to develop a body lotion that would not only provide an answer for this troublesome condition, but importantly, be a pleasure to use. I approached a manufacturer of beauty products with a global reputation for quality and innovation and talked to them about my aspirations. Luckily, they shared my enthusiasm, and we soon realised that we had the potential to create a ground-breaking product, the first of its kind in the UK. From then on I worked closely with the development team and in-house chemists to ensure that the product not only was effective in improving the appearance of KP, but also met their stringent quality, safety and ethical standards. I feel very fortunate to have collaborated with such a skilled and professional group of people who were also a genuine pleasure to work with. After an exciting 18 months of development, consumer trials and exhaustive testing, AMELIORATE Skin Smoothing Body Lotion was born. We are proud to have created a valuable therapy for KP which also delivers superior skin smoothing and hydrating results for other dry skin conditions. Our unique synergistic complex of high quality moisturising ingredients together with natural Lactic Acid turns rough, dry, bumpy skin into smooth, hydrated, healthy looking skin. Good for you, Annette.