Adding a few simple rules to sensible care = younger-looking skin

A recent survey showed living in the countryside means less pollution – and concluded this is better for our skin. But what can those of us who have to live in towns and cities do to protect our skin? Actually, looking at cousins who live in the country, I really don’t envy them their skin. They may have less pollution, cleaner air, etc. but if you don’t take care of your skin (and it seems often they don’t) you will end up with wrinkles, pasty skin etc. So DON’T listen to Doctors who try to tell us “it’s your age” if we point out that cancer treatment gives us awful skin problems. Instead, follow these few simple steps, and slowly, slowly your skin will improve – wherever you live. Drink plenty of water. Doesn’t cost anything, but pure water provides moisturiser and plumps up your skin – and helps filll out wrinkles. Clean your face properly night and morning Don’t use facial wipes – analysis under microscope shows these leave a fine drying ‘dust’ on the skin’s surface) Use SPF (Sun Protection Factor)on your face when you go outside, even in the depths of winter. There can be sunlight and pollution outside on the dullest days, so make sure that your moisturiser or foundation have an SPF of at leasr 15 – or if they don’t finish up your suntan lotion, It’s probably not going to last until next summer, and I find it does my skin good. Try and use the best products you can afford/ I mean products from companies who have invested in top quality research, such as Estee Lauder, Elemis, La Roche Posay, Living Nature, Flexitol (you can get some of their products on prescription for free). Sorry – apart from water, you have to pay for the others. But then the saying “you get what you pay for”, and that’s so true when it comes to skincare.

Body Skin

And don’t forget that winter winds can cut through the thickest woollies and coats. Always rub cream or oil all over when you get out of the shower. My favourite oils are from the Neom range, and recently the Daily Telegraph’s Beauty Lab column gave Neom oils the highest rating. I have been indulging in their Body and Bath or Shower Gels, in subtle scents of Bluebell, Jasmine – and my old ‘antiseptic’ favourite, Lavender. Used in my shower, and then rubbed in afterwards, my lumpy, scaly skin is lovely and soft – bliss! If I have been outside in particularly cold, windy weather, I always smooth on some Neom oil at night. I smell lovely (why shouldn’t I have the benefit!) and overnight the oils soak in and help protect my skin. So DO look after your skin, face and body. It’s our largest organ, and cracks let in nasty germs, which don’t do us any good.