Body Image Problems

Luckily I have never wanted to go Topless because if I did this today i’d scare the living daylights out of anyone watching. A Lumpectomy seemed a painless option – until several years later I am left with a lop-sided bust that could be mistaken for a map of moon craters. Plus scars from remedial work, including a very sexy ‘cleavage’ scar – result of 7-hour heart op from drug side effects. So anyone having this op. should discuss options very carefully.

Getting rid of Scars

Being British, we aren’t supposed to worry what we look like under clothes – but at last surveys show that Body Image is a big problem for survivors, and being taken seriously, A product called Secret Saviours, coming on the market to prevent stretch marks in pregnant Mums might have some answers.

What is Secret Saviours ?

This is a pink, squishy circular ‘Bum Bag’ with a pattern of mini-lumps, that Mum-to-Be slings around her bump. Looking at this extraordinary bit of stretchy material, the science behind it might just hold the key to preventing the worst scaring. Depending on where is your scar, it might be possible to cut it to shape; the makers say they are investigating if it will work for our type of scarring. In clinical trials 2 out of 3 women said the band prevented stretch marks, and 8 out of 10 said they would use it again. It costs £69.95, but it might be an answer to ask pregnant friends if they have a spare one, once their kid is born, and experiment with that. The band is lined with different sizes of mini soft pads, whose aim is to channel potential internal forming scarring away from going straight down and forming a stretch mark – or scar. You also get gels and creams to apply, and they can’t do any harm. Women’s Health Expert Dr. Catherine Hood says “it works by equalising pressure points within the skin and helping prevent any tiny tissue tears from forming within the dermis (inner layer of skin containing the lymph and blood vessels),